Reliance operates a variety of long-haul charters from the Nordic and Eastern Europe. Our team's proactiveness and pre-planning is paramount to a succesful charter.



A brief series of stay when connecting flights, a getaway to a different city, a brief stay near KL's shopping belt or just a romantic getaway for couples.


Culture & Experiential Learning

We provide more than sightseeing!  We create the opportunity and the timing for those who wants to truly experience Malaysia up-close and personal by meeting Malaysians at their homes (or those without) and those seeking to look deeper into what makes a Malaysian, in every sense of the word.


Daily Sightseeing

RSB have a series daily (half or full day) tour departure from Kuala Lumpur, Langkawi, Penang, Kuching and Kota Kinabalu.



There is really no better place in the world to experience exotic flora and fauna in their pristine tropical environment, so up close and personal! Reliance have run conservation programmes in Turtle Island Park, Watch-A-Tree-Grow.


Education / Student

Over 600 private and public learning institution catereing from all levels and lenght of study, student and cultural exchange programmes.



Penang International Dragon Boat, Malaysia Mega Sale Carnival, Miri International Jazz Festival, Gawai Dayak Festival, Tadau Kaamatan.



From slow food functions to cooking classes or simply eating, Malaysia has a 24/7, a 365 days food phenomenon offerring a plethora of food dishes not only found in Malaysia but of international and fusion of cooking styles, eating styles.



Reliance GolfPass entitles card holder to golf over 54 courses in Malaysia in a single price. Golf tournament management. Golf and equipment hire also available.


Hobbyist Programmes

Bird Watching, Architectural Photography, Flora hobbyist (Orchids, Bonsais), Philately, TaiQi, Martial Arts, Malaysian Cooking Classes, Craft-making like Malaysian Sarawak Pottery and Pewter Making.


Medical Tourism

Full health check-up programmes, 2nd Opinions & Diagnostics, Treatment & Remedial Care, Slimming Programmes, Physiotheraphy, Alternative and Hemeopathy. Affordable and highest quality medical care conducted with 12 private hospitals


Malaysia My Second Home

A placement and transitional programme catered to suit the Silver Hair who would like to make Malaysia their home.



F1 Programmes, GT Super Series, 4x4 Cross Country, Track Driving, Defensive Driving, Motorcross, Go Karting and Quad Biking.


National Parks

Commercialised and least-known entry points into Taman Negara from Pahang, Johor & Terengganu. From rainforest reserves in the heart of Kuala Lumpur to the Lost World Meliau Basin in Sabah; Malaysia has the oldest & the best rainforest.


Non-motorised Adventures

White Water Rafting (all grades), Mountain Biking, Cave exploration, Camping & Snorkelling.



Reliance Batik Routes and Borneo Connection gives you the most comprehensive experiential exposure to the best of Malaysia. Reliance professiol tour guides are a bunch of passionate Malaysian and gives valuable commentary and insights.


Professional / Vocational Visits

Formal visits by Professional and Goverment Bodies for industrial and political exchanges. Vocational visits to the many small-medium industries (SMIs) based in Malaysia.


Shore Excursion Programmes

Operating out from all ports in Malaysia, Reliance maximises the time spent on on shore by carefully planning the best logistics, sightseeing and meals.  Reliance is reputed to be the best in the industry.



Kuala Lumpur is known to have the most variety of shoping centres.




Programmes catered especially for military veterans & spouses who have serve with the Commonwealth forces in Malaysia.